10 More Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me

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Several years ago I did a post very similar to this one (hence this one called 10 MORE things).  I thought since a lot has happened since then it was high time to do it again!

#1 I am a very cheap date.  i.e. I cannot hold my booze at all.  A couple White Claws and I am under the table.

#2 I have a deep seated, life-long hatred of Will Ferrell.  He plays the same character in every movie he’s in.  He’s not funny.  Oh yeah- and he’d a dead ringer for my first boyfriend who broke my heart when I was 17.

#3 I have hairy toes.  As in, I shave them.  I hate it, but my doctor tells me it’s a sign of good circulation, so yay for that?

#4 I was a basketball fan as a kid, but in college I met a guy I really liked.  He watched football, so I watched football to spend more time with him.  That guy is now my ex-husband and I think I am now more into football than he is!

#5 I always thought I would get married again after I got divorced.  I knew too many people in good marriages to give up on the institution altogether.  But it did happen quicker than I expected.

#6 I didn’t have any first cousins until I was 12 years old.  My parents are both the eldest siblings in their families, and they married young and had kids young. Their younger siblings all started their families later in life.   I am closer in age to 2 of my aunts than all but 1 of my first cousins because of this.

#7 I give the same advise to all high school graduates.  Don’t use drugs and use condoms.

#8 I give the same advise to all engaged/ newlywed couples.  DO go to bed angry, and keep separate checking accounts OR have a his, hers, and ours set up like my hubby and I do.

#9 I don’t know what my actual, natural hair color is.  I have been dyeing since I was 20 years old.  My stylist tells me my current color is close to my natural color, just less mousy.  This is why I pay her- ha.

#10 I asked my doctor about getting my tubes tied when I was 28 and he said no since I didn’t have any kids yet.  I understood his position, but I didn’t ever change my mind.   And no, I don’t regret it one bit.

Now it’s your turn- tell me something (or 10 somethings) fun about you!

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