19 Kids and No Longer Counting

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OR, Why this Christian isn’t sad the Duggars got cancelled and why you shouldn’t be either.

I am simply astounded on the number of people who are upset by the cancellation of “19 Kids and Counting”.  I do not share this opinion and I’m going to explain why.

Please note that all of this information about the Duggars and their faith is NOT just my own personal opinions.  These statements are drawn either from quotes made by the family themselves or from books promoted by Quiverfull leaders and at one time- if not currently- available for sale on the Duggars’ own website.

#1 The Quiverfull “movement” that the Duggars belong to.  In recent years the Duggars have claimed to have distanced themselves from this movement- ironically due to sex scandals involving some of the leaders- but they clearly still follow its rules.

And that’s the biggest issue with it- the rules.  This sect spends precious little time considering the actual basic premise of Christianity- Jesus Christ dying and rising again for our sins- and instead focuses on how one must behave to be “Godly”.   One of my personal “favorites” is that you must never appear to be sad or angry- to do so is to deny God’s love in your heart.  As a Lutheran I find this not only really sad, but not the version of my faith that I want non-believers to see and think we believe.

#2 The rules for woman.  The “quiver” in Quiverfull refers to children.  The more the better.  Even natural family planning is viewed as akin to having an abortion.  Of course, in order to achieve this goal a woman must have no others.  It’s considered sinful for a married woman to have any type of job outside of being a wife and mother, but since Quiverfulls also refuse any type of government assistance many women do run home based businesses in between giving birth to make ends meet.

Quiverfull women are property of their fathers until their arranged marriage takes place, at which time they become property of their husbands. They are not allowed to disagree with their husbands. Domestic abuse is tolerated. They must NEVER refuse their husbands’ sexual advances.  Just gave birth?  Doesn’t matter.  Had diarrhea for 5 straight days?  Doesn’t matter.  Clearly this is a LONG way from “loving your wife as Christ loved the Church”.

#3 NO ONE is expressing any concern for Josh’s victims.  This is far and away my biggest problem with how the Duggars are handling this coming to light, and even more troubling when you consider that several of Josh’s victims are his own sisters.  I do believe that Josh is truly sorry for his actions.
And I do believe that he can be forgiven.  But his own familys’ complete lack of concern for the girls he victimized is appalling.

But I guess they are just being good Quiverfull girls- always submissive to men and happy about it. Even when your brother is molesting you.  I refuse to support that in any way and neither should you.

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  1. Beth Ann

    It amazes me how this whole story has unfolded. It is true that no one is really focusing on the girls who were victims from everything I have read. No one will probably ever know the entire story but it just makes me sad all the way around. Thanks for sharing your views. Glad Pat posted your page on FB—-I had forgotten what your blog addy was! now I know!


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