A little help from my friends

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As many of you know, I am lucky enough to be a North Iowa Blogger.  I love being part of such a great group of writers, many of who are full time writers/ bloggers.  I haven’t met all of the members, but the ones I have met have been friendly, welcoming and just great people.

So today I want to thank the North Iowa Bloggers for the love and support and to let everyone reading Knotty Things know about some other great blogs you should check out:

Learn how to organize your office and house and all about Iowa at http://yesterdaysjeans.com

Learn about modern farming at http://theporkdiaries.com

Do you love cats? Then you need to read http://cattailswithlaura.com
Need a quick pick me up? Head over to http://katyflint.com

Love food and travel?  Check out the queen of bloggers at http://donnahup.com

Maybe none of these are exactly what you are looking for.  That’s OK.  I am sure you will find someone you enjoy by checking out the complete list of blogs by the North Iowa Bloggers at http://northiowalocal.com/members/


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