Adopt a Shelter Pet Day

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Today is Find Your New Best Friend Day, aka Adopt a Shelter Pet Day!

As you are undoubtedly well aware I currently share my home with three black cats.  Two of them came into me – directly or indirectly- through shelters.

There are so many cats and dogs in shelters in every community waiting for their forever homes.  Many are euthanized if they have to wait too long.  And even if they are fortunate enough to be in a no-kill shelter, what kind of life is that for that creature?

I know some folks can’t have pets because of allergies or because they are renters.  I know some people just don’t want to responsibility, and I respect that.  No one who doesn’t want a pet should have one thrust upon them.

But.  Words cannot describe the joy I feel when I walk in the door after a long day of work and I see my Boots running down the hall to greet me or when my baby girl Pumpkin is curled up in my lap and purring.

If you have thought about getting a pet, today is a great day to do it.  You will gain unconditional love and just might save a life- what can be better than that?

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