An Open Letter to Chuck Grassley

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Dear Chuck-

What the hell happened to you?

You used to be the defender of the American wallet.  You voted against pay raises for yourself more than once.  You discovered $112,000 toilet seat purchases and exposed the companies responsible.  You railed against accounting practices that made it easier for companies to move earnings from one year into another for tax purposes.

You used to be known as a man who was more than willing to work with folks “across the aisle” to do what’s best for the American people.  In 2014 the Counsel against Government Waste named you of the “Heroes of the American people” for your bipartisan efforts against fraud and wasteful practices.  President Clinton praised your hard work on a bill to reform the IRS during his time in the White House.

You used to be known as one of the first senators to embrace Twitter.  You used to be known as the “old guy who runs marathons”.

Where did that guy go?

How do you explain your rapid descent into “party first” politics?  Where did your love of fairness and due processes go?  Where is the guy who wanted what was best for the American people and wasn’t afraid to go against the RNC to get it done?

The timing for your political 180  seems even odder given that it’s an open secret that you aren’t going to run for re-election when your term ends in 2022.   I hate to play the age card, but you ARE 85- is senility setting in?

Please explain this.  Explain it to me.  Explain it to the voters of Iowa.  Explain it to the America you used to fight for.

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