An Open Letter to Congressman Steve King


What could have possibly made you think that running for reelection in 2020 is a good idea?

Your own party has banned you from serving on any committees in Congress because of your many hate-filled, racist rants.  Your coworkers on the Hill even held a vote to reject white supremacy because of the horrendous things that come out of your mouth and every single Republican lawmaker voted for it.  Every.  Last.  One.  The fact that you also voted for it is just laughable, but that’s beside the point.  A quick Google search of your name pulls up racist quote after another.  But you say you have “nothing to apologize for”.

One of your strongest allies here in Iowa, Governor Reynolds, has announced she’s backing one of your challengers instead of you in the 2020 race.  In the national media you are no longer referred to first as “Congressman” but rather “white supremacist” Steve King, with the “Congressman” part almost an afterthought.  But you claim that you’re simply misunderstood and misquoted, even when asked about items from your own Twitter account.

Maybe part of you knows this is a bad idea.  Maybe that’s why you decided to announce your reelection bid two days before the biggest blizzard in decades hit much of your district, keeping our news feeds full of 15 foot snow drifts, 60 mph wind gusts, and thousands of stranded travelers. instead of whatever hateful thing you said that day.

There is still time to reconsider.  There still is time for you to come to the realization that running again isn’t what is best for the people of your district you claim to represent.  It’s not what is best for the Republican party you claim to represent.   It’s not what’s best for the nation you claim to love.

It’s well past time for you hand over the baton.  Please consider doing so in a manner worthy of your office and of the people of Iowa’s 4th district.


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