An open letter to the people of Iowa

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Today the President of the company I work for (Metalcraft Inc) came to my cube to congratulate me on my 10 year work anniversary there.  I knew the date was coming up – my hire date was March 17th- but it really sunk in after chatting with Steve.

10 years at Metalcraft equals 12 years in Iowa.  12 great years.

I’ve been married to my amazing husband Pat for 12 years next month.   We are partners, but not conjoined twins.  We both need personal space and we both give it to each other.  I could never have a spouse who “lets” me do the things I want to do, nor would I ever want to BE a spouse who thought they had to have that kind of control and he feels the same way.  I can’t imagine going through the rest of my life with anyone else.

I have met so many wonderful people here in Iowa.  I’ve met the North Iowa Bloggers, who have been so inspirational for me to get serious (well, to a degree anyway- ha) about my blog.  I’ve met great people playing in 2 area municipal bands.  I’ve met great people at the grocery store!

Of course, there are lots of great folks in my homeland of Minnesota too- I’m not slighting them at all!  And I certainly appreciate ALL my friends and ALL my blog readers, no matter what state you live in now or have ever lived in!

But a few jokes aside I can honestly say that I was welcomed to Iowa with open arms and I thank all of you for that and look forward to what the next 12 plus years have in store for us!

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