And I Approve this Message

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That might be one of my most hated phrases in the English language.  Why?  Because it’s EVERYWHERE right now.  The Iowa caucuses are only a week away, so most of the Presidential hopefuls are making Iowa their home away from home right now as well as spending mega bucks on TV ads.

I realize there are still a lot of undecided voters in Iowa and all over.  But has anyone in the history of the television ever made their decision about who to vote for based on a TV ad?  I can tell you that I never have.  I am not sure I have ever made a decision to purchase anything more expensive than a fast food lunch based on a TV ad.  I’d like to think that in 2020 we are all smart enough to know that ads are usually based in truth the same way that “based on a true story” episode of Law and Order would be.  Meaning- not much.  And, quite frankly, if anyone out there IS deciding on who to vote for based on only a TV ad, do we really want those folks voting in the first place??

But here we are.  I’m stuck listening to this stupid phrase over and over again.  Wondering why this is the way elections have to go.  If there is any small comfort it’s that the ads are positive- if anyone is running ads trashing another candidate I have been fortunate enough to avoid them.

And that I can approve.

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