Aunt and Uncle Day

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Today is Aunt and Uncle day!

As everyone knows, while I have no human offspring of my own I absolutely adore my niece and nephew.  I might be slightly biased, but I think they are the cutest, bestest kids on the planet.  I have pictures of them all over my desk at work, as my wallpaper on all my electronic devices, and even have a calendar of their pictures in my kitchen!  My husband and I have had a lot of ton with these two kids and I know they have had a lot of fun with us too.

My own aunts and uncles are all quite a bit younger than my parents, so they were for the most part also childless when my sister and I where growing up.  I had no first cousins until I was 11 years old!  I have a lot of great memories of sleepovers and other fun things we did together.  I also have memories of finally getting a few cousins (I have exactly 6) and all the different adventures we’ve had together.

Hopefully you also have some special folks in your life you did fun things with.  How about reaching out to one (or more) of them today and letting them know how much you appreciate them?  I hope someday the same thing happens to me!

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