Be Late to Something Day

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Today is be late to something day, or as I call it, Wednesday.

I’m one of those folks who’s always rushing in to an event at the last minute.  It seems like no matter how well I prepare or how early I leave, the universe conspires against me to ensure I never arrive to anything too long before it starts.  I once got to work 10 minutes early and almost gave several coworkers panic attacks.  I promise you I don’t TRY to be like this- I just AM.

However, some people are the exact opposite.  I can only assume that today is intended for these folks.  Those people who insist that “5 minutes early is late”.  Those people who are more likely to suffer a heart attack as it’s been shown that putting pressure on yourself to maintain a strict schedule at all times is bad for your health.  In other words- not me.

However, if you find the very act of being late enough to send you into a cold sweat, take heart- tomorrow is Fight Procrastination Day- a day that maybe I’ll think about celebrating next year.

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