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No Politics Day

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This is one we need to celebrate more than once a year.  Monthly.  Weekly maybe even? At bare minimum, let’s start with today. No politics.  All day. No politics. All night. Sounds like heaven to me.


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I’m not a big believer in conspiracy theories.  The biggest reason why is pretty simple- I don’t believe that at any point the US government has had the resources/ ability to pull off the crazy things they’ve been accused of.  Sure, the CIA pulled off some truly awful experiments in the 50s, but they have all come to light.  Even… Read more »

Two Really Big Wrongs Don’t Make Any Rights

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“American was founded to be a Christian nation”. You’ve probably seen this statement on social media.   It’s been floating around for ages.  And it’s 100% wrong.  People who are currently shouting/ posting this don’t understand the Constitution OR Christianity very well.  And here’s why: The First Amendment of the Constitution is very clear.  It reads “Congress shall make no law… Read more »

18 Candles

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Over the years I’ve heard many a parent say “when (insert name of child here) turns 18 they can do whatever they want”.    Really? Really? And, yes, I know I don’t have kids, and to a certain percentage of the population that means I have no capability to understand ANYTHING related to parenthood.  But I was a kid, almost… Read more »

Get the (#&^@ Vaccine Already!

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Seriously people.  Just do it. Unless you are under the age of 18, or been advised by an actual board certified medical doctor that you shouldn’t get the vaccine, there is NO EXCUSE to not be vaccinated against COVID by now.  None.  Zero. Nadda. No, I’m not interested in reading some article you found online about 5G or mind control. … Read more »