Coming Out Day

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This one is pretty self-explanatory.  And pretty important.

National Coming Out Day was created in 1988 in part as a response to the then common public opinion of “I don’t know anyone who is gay”.  The event drew widespread media attention and the cause was taken up by the Human Right Campaign a couple of years later. If you remember the 80s being gay was still very taboo so it was a bold stance to take to encourage folks to come out of the closet and be their true selves and/ or to be an ally to them.

Today everyone knows someone who is a member of the LGBT community.  But sadly, even now there are places, even here in the good ol USA where it can be dangerous for someone to come out to their communities.  This is a travesty.

I am an ally and I’m proud of it.  Marriage equality was long overdue in this country and I’m very happy for my gay friends and family members who were finally able to celebrate their love and commitment to their life partners the same way I have with mine.

Love is truly the strongest force in the universe (well, maybe second to duct tape) and love conquers all.  Be a person of love.


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