Cowboys and Indians

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Or I guess I should say “Persons engaged in ranching and wearing Western-inspired apparel” and “Persons whose ancestors were indigenous to North America”. But that’s hard for 6 year old boys to say, let alone play in the back yard.

Recently a celebrity (and I use that term loosely) was quoted using the term “indian giver” and the internet exploded. You would have thought she had suggested clubbing baby seals with tiger cubs while bathing in the blood of human infants! Especially considering that the intelligence of this particular woman has come into question before I just don’t see why anyone got excited over it.

On one reality show they are now bleeping out the word “retard”. This is a show featuring several 20 somethings living and learning about life in a posh apartment. One of them is considered to be famous because her father is. These people are also not known for being Rhodes scholars and I personally could not care less what they call each other when someone drinks the last organic beer or whatever is it these people drink.

My point- political correctness is out of control. As is the case with so any things it started out as a good idea but got taken to the extreme. Over the years people in wheelchairs have labeled crippled, handicapped, disabled, physically challenged, persons with limited mobility, and (my personal favorite) differently abled. Say THAT 5 times fast! Really? What exactly is the point of that? Does calling it somethintg different help Grandma walk again? Of course not.

Last time I checked we still had a first amendment to our constitution. It says we have freedom of speech. NOT just freedom of speech that makes everyone feel warm and fuzzy inside.

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