Cubicle Day

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Today is Cubicle Day.

Cubicles have been around a lot longer than you might think- they were first introduced in 1967!  The idea was to break up open office spaces and allow for a bit of privacy/ personal space.  Clearly that idea really caught on, and the majority of us have worked in a cubicle at some point in our lives.

I usually work in a cube myself.  I make jokes about my fabric covered box – including that no little kid imagines working in one, but we all do.  And for the record, the image attached to this post is NOT my actual office- ours is nowhere near that ugly!!!!  But I’m in my 6th week of working from home right now and I’ll admit- I miss my little box!  Certainly I miss the social interactions of being in the office, but even though my husband did a great job of setting me up a home workspace, it’s just not the same.  My stuff isn’t in the same place, or worse, not even in the city as me.

So today be grateful for your cube.  Remember how it felt to sit there for the first time and how excited you were about the possibilities of that new job.  More than ever now, we need to remember, and be grateful for, the little things.  Like our little box.

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