Disconnected Connectivity

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I love Facebook. I love reading status updates, looking at pictures and yes, I do love playing silly games too. I have Facebook friends from all over the place ranging from classmates I haven’t seen in 15 years or more to my next door neighbor. I also have a MySpace page and have had the same email address forever now. I spend a significant amount of time online talking to people almost every day.


So why do I feel so alone sometimes?


It is true that most of my good friends live in other states. But that’s been the case for ages and I believe that’s probably more common now than it’s ever been. We are a society of restless people and we are always on the move for jobs, education, love, etc. And with all these modern communication methods that should be less of an issue than ever before. We can talk to our friends via webcam, social networking sites like Facebook, email, texting and God only knows what will be next. Most of us have cell phones with unlimited night and weekend calling. But how often do we really communicate meaningfully with each other anymore? Are we all really too busy to actually take the time to try to really connect with each other?


I suspect that this feeling of disconnect is one of the reasons I decided to start a blog. How much are you really connecting with your friends over 5 pictures and the knowledge that they are doing laundry that day? I want people to see more of me than that and I want to see more of them.


Did anyone else start a blog for that reason? How are you keeping your friendships alive and growing in this digital age?


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