Eat What you Want Day

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Most of use take some – if not a lot- of care into deciding what do eat on any given day.  Maybe we have a medical condition like diabetes or celiac.  Maybe we are trying to lose weight or put on muscle.  Maybe we are trying to eat clean.

Regardless of why, today is the day to toss all of it out the window.  Today is Eat what you Want day.

Virtually any legitimate nutrition expert would agree that we all do need to treat ourselves occasionally, and that is we don’t, we run the real risk of having a REALLY bad day and eating pretty much everything in sight.

So, today is the day you have permission to eat what you REALLY want.  Have some fries.  Have some ice cream.  Have whatever it is that you usually don’t allow yourself.  Tomorrow you can go back on your diet, but just for today have a little fun!  It’s good for your mental health.  I promise.  And it’s not too bad for your physical health either 🙂

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