Ex husband day

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There IS an actual national ex- spouse day, which is April 14th. However, I’m celebrating it today because today is the birthday of my ex-husband Scott.

Scott and I were married for 8 years and there are a multitude of reasons why it didn’t last longer.  Many stem from us simply marrying too young.  Perhaps partially because of that lack of finger-pointing we’ve been able to maintain a strong friendship in the years since our marriage ended.  We are still close, but in a very different way- we are more like siblings than anything else at this point.

I’ve been asked why my husband Pat “allows” me to be friends with my ex.   Pretty awful question, but I get it a lot.  My answer is two parts- #1 Pat doesn’t pick my friends.  I’m an adult and our marriage is a hell of a lot healthier than that.   #2 VERY early in our relationship I sat Pat down at what is now our dining room table and explained that Scott and I were friends and if that was an issue I would be leaving.  I’m told Julia Roberts did the same when she was dating as she’s still friends with her ex Lyle Lovett, so I’m in good company.

So, today I wish one of my closest friends- who just happens to be my ex-husband- a very Happy Birthday!


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