Falling in Love

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I hope all my US based readers are having a safe and enjoyable long Labor Day holiday weekend!  The exact moment when this post is published is also the moment my fantasy football draft starts, so I’ll be capping off my weekend with a little smack talk and a lot of lofty predictions that will almost surely fail to come to fruition.

This weekend traditionally marks the official end of summer.  Many folks are saddened by that, while I actually love it.  Fall is by far my favorite season.  I love football.  I love the changing leaves.  I love the cooler weather.  I love getting out my cooler weather clothes and rediscovering favorites I forgot about. I love seeing the harvest coming in.  I love pumpkin seeds.  I love big family meals.   I love fall sunsets.  I love the word autumn, even if is can be a little pretentious sometimes.  I love fall!

Of course, no season is perfect.  Fall is marred by campaign ads and pumpkin spice EVERYTHING.  Seriously- there are pumpkin spice Cheerios now.  There are pumpkin spice Oreos now.  I can only assume pumpkin spice flavored pumpkins will be the next big thing.    And while there is no good way to avoid completely campaign ads, I find that Netflix and the DVR do wonders to limit my exposure and help maintain what little sanity I have left.

So, don’t be one of those folks who is sad that summer is over.  Instead, think of all the great things fall offers and enjoy those to the fullest.  Or should I say the fallest?



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