Fast Food Day

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If you are a cardiologist you may not be very happy about this, but today is Fast Food Day.

Fast food as we know it was born from the rise in car ownership and the need of those car owners to eat quickly and cheaply while out and about.  These restaurants started popping up after WWI but the concept really exploded after WWII.  The first fast food chain, White Castle, was founded in 1921 selling burgers for 5 cents apiece.  McDonalds was founded in 1955 selling hot dogs for 10 cents a piece.  Hamburgers were added the following year,  also offered for 10 cents each.

Today there are a multitude of fast food options available in every town across America, offering everything from gyros to tacos to pizza to the “burger joints” that started it all.  So go ahead and ignore your doctor’s advise for just one meal and get your fast food fix today!




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