Finding Daddy

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When it comes to guys, I definitely have a type.  In the course of my life I’ve managed to date/ marry / be attracted to a series of men than can be mostly described as stocky, dark haired,  possessing a larger than average vocabulary, some degree of  musical ability, and active interest  – if not participation in- politics.  Bonus points if he refers to pens and pencils as “writing utensils”.   Some of you already know who else that describes – my dad.

I certainly didn’t set out looking for dad when I started dating.  In fact, I wasn’t even aware I was doing this until my first marriage was falling apart.  Probably for that reason the first relationship I got into after my marriage was with someone who was the exact opposite.  To put it mildly, it was a learning experience.   And even after that train wreck, I can honestly say that I didn’t set out looking for dad types to date.  I thought Pat (my husband) was something totally different.  Turns out he’s just blond.

We’ve all heard the stereotypes about girls with “daddy issues”.   Thankfully I had a good childhood – I grew up on a small farm, so not only my dad but his entire family was close by every day. Also, he and my mom have a great marriage.  Looking for my dad- even though I never did it on purpose- led me to good guys.  I’m now happily married to one and I couldn’t be happier.  Thanks dad!



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