Five Words I Hate

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There are some words that a lot of people hate.  Moist. Panties.  Munch.  Fester.  Vomit.  Snatch.

Those words don’t bother me too much, but, like everyone else, I do have my own set of words that make me want to shove pencils and/ or knitting needles into my ears.  Here are my top 5 in no particular order:

#5 Secrete.  Just sounds icky.  And usually is.  No one secretes candy or vodka or anything good.

#4 Soulmate.  First off, they are imaginary.  7 billion people on Earth and you can only be happy with one other person?  How depressing (and downright ludicrous) is that?  Never mind that the scores of people who use the concept to justify cheating or other horrible behaviors.

#3 Alternative.  This is one isn’t awful all the time, just in certain usages.  Alternative energy is a wonderful thing.  Alternative lifestyle?  Come on, it’s not the 80’s.  Being gay isn’t a “lifestyle” any more than being straight is.  Alternative medicine?  You mean medicine that doesn’t work?  Not much of an alternative unless you consider dying an alternative lifestyle. Alternative facts?  Those are called lies.

#2 Aluminum.  I have a difficult time pronouncing this word correctly in spite of the fact that I have to say it many times a day almost every day I’m at work.  I have to think really hard about it each and every time and it gets very annoying.

#1 Journey.  This is another word that is perfectly fine in some situations and awful in others.   Travelling across the desert in a covered wagon would be a journey.  Walking from Italy to Norway would be a journey.  Being on a realty TV show is not a journey.  Going on a diet is not a journey.  And for the love of God don’t name your child Journey!

So those are some of the words that I hate.  What weird words make your skin crawl?  Let’s all be uncomfortable together!


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