For the Love of the Game

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We are 2 weeks into my favorite season- football season!

I’m an NFL junkie.  I’m a fantasy football league commissioner, I’m in a suicide/ pick ’em pool with a group of friends, and a long-suffering Miami Dolphins and Minnesota Vikings fan.   I just love it and have since I was in college and interested in a guy who watched a lot of football.   I started watching it to spend more time with him and got myself thoroughly hooked.  And for the record, I’m still very good friends with that guy in spite of his being a Buffalo Bills fan.

I know not everyone loves professional sports.  Maybe you prefer cheering for your alma mater on a Saturday afternoon or your local high school team on Friday nights.  Maybe football isn’t your thing and you prefer baseball or basketball or even hockey (if you’re really weird).   Regardless of the sport or the level, there is still that rush from an exciting win or the let down of a crushing loss we all share with our team.  It unites us.  Brings us together.  Makes strangers into friends.

I will always be a band geek.  I will always fight for music and arts in schools, where they take a back seat to sports far too often.   I will always tell people that being tall didn’t make me a good basketball player (understatement of the century there!).  But as I, ahem, age, I am becoming more and more appreciative of the power of sports to unite us.  As a community.  As a state.  As a nation.   And God knows we need more of that.

2 thoughts on “For the Love of the Game

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