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Why?  Because today is Ballpoint Pen Day!  On this date in 1943 the US Patent Office granted patent # 2,390,636 for what he now know as the ballpoint pen.  When it was first introduced it was only available as a luxury item, but now virtually every business in America gives them away.

With the advent of the internet people don’t write as much as they used to, but we all still use pens every day and we all have our favorites- the one that writes JUST the way we like.  My personal favorite are G2 gel pens in extra fine point.   I like these so much I go across the street to Staples to have them at my desk even though there are several boxes of “free” ones in the supply room.  I need those pens.  I know a lot of other people who do the same thing.

So, cherish your favorite pen today.  Maybe use it to write something nice ?

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  1. Græme Ravenscroft

    I’m a Pilot V5 kind of guy — they do a clicky one now, which I love — but I also have a soft spot for their Varsity disposable fountain-nib pens and the G2 Ultra Fine (0.38mm; I have very small handwriting).


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