Go Team Green?

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It’s been another wild and crazy week in the world of politics.  And I hate politics.

There are a million reasons why I hate politics, but one of the biggest is the blind attachment many folks have to their political party of choice.  This loyalty extends to any politician who chooses that affiliation, often going as far as to insist that no politician on “their side” can do anything wrong.

I have been a long time critic of the current US system.  We only have two actually viable political parties when every other democracy on the planet has at least a handful.  I truly believe that if we had three or four parties with enough clout to elect Congressmen and even a President we would have far fewer folks with cult-like devotion to their party of choice.  And that would be a very good thing for America.

This past week I had one person say to me “I will never criticize any Democrat who is running for President”.  Another said to me “Even a bad Republican is better than the alternative”.  These are both very intelligent adults on any other topic, but they have enormous blind spots when it comes to politics.  While well-meaning, they are doing themselves AND their party a huge disservice by refusing to even consider any flaws in its membership.

And at the end of the day, all a political party really exists to do is fund raise.   Oh sure, they claim to have all kinds of lofty goals, but in reality, all they actually do is help candidates get elected that they decree are worthy of their dollars.

I personally think so little of political parties that in the past four presidential elections I have voted for two Republicans and two Democrats (no, I’m not going to tell you which ones).  My votes for other federal, state, and local officials are for all “sides of the aisle” as well.  Why should I let a fundraising team tell me who would be the best man (or woman) to be in elected office?

I don’t let dollars dictate my vote.  And neither should anyone else.

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