Green vs Green

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This spring the air conditioning in my car went out. I’ve been without it- and complaining about it- ever since.

A couple weeks ago I mentioned to my husband that my gas milage had gotten better. recently I drive about 60 miles road trip to and from work every day and I was getting another 30 miles or so out of each tank. We wondered if it had anything to do with my recent oil change. Well, earlier this week I finally got my AC fixed and I know now that that the oil had nothing to do with it. But in spite of the obvious financial reasons to not run the AC I have run it every day since. And it hasn’t even been that warm- in fact it’s been one of the coldest summers on record! But I paid to get the AC fixed and by God I’m going to run it!

I do care about the planet. It’s hard not to when so many of your family and friends work in agriculture and depend on the weather for their income! I recycle cans and bottles. I reuse or recycle plastic bags (I just toss paper ones so choosing plastic is the better option for me. Plus paper bags do not work well for use as dirty cat litter containers) . I drive a small car that gets about 27 mpg even with the AC on full blast. But at the end of the day if it’s more work or more money to “go green” I usually don’t.

I suspect there are tons of people out there just like me. We want to do the right thing but not at the expense of, well, expense. It’s a lot like how I feel about Wal-Mart. I hate a lot about them but for some items that I use on a regular basis they are significanly cheaper and I’m not made of money so I go there.

Any ideas how to go about saving both kinds of green at once would be apprciated!

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