Haiku Hysteria

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I recently happened upon a haiku on a humor website. I really wish I could remember which one as I’d love to give them credit, but alas I cannot. It went like this:
Haiku’s are easy to write
But they don’t always make sense

I found this highly amusing and have been composing a few of my own. I encourage everyone else to try it too- it’s a surprisingly effective stress reliever! If you are hard pressed for topics you can start byexpressing your frustrations with the little problems of everyday life. As examples:

I eat well, lose half a pound
I eat bad, lose half a pound
Bring on the Cheetos

The check engine light goes on
The check engine light goes off
What’s the deal here, car?

Or perhaps you’d rather let your poetry reflect your interests or pastimes:

Minnesota Vikings suck
They have sucked for a long time
Please bring back Bud Grant

I must go on Facebook now
I need to harvest my crops
And “like” lots of things

If all else fails you can try something like:

I am writing in haiku’s
Why? Simply because I can
Now, time for a snack

Have fun!

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