Home Sweet Home

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Right now I am sitting in my favorite chair with my favorite kitty on my lap watching one of my favorite TV shows (Mercy). Granted, it’s Wednesday but I did this same thing last Friday too. And probably the Friday before that. Point is, I like being home any day of the week. Even on the weekends!


There was a time- not that long ago- when I would have been embarrassed to admit I didn’t go out on the weekends. Now I can’t remember why I liked that so much. It costs too much and I generally wind up feeling like crap the next day.


Now I truly enjoy being home more than just about anything. Yes, I still enjoy band practice and family gatherings and all the other places I go. But there is truly no place like home. As I told my husband- I love home- it’s where all my stuff is!


I am so blessed to have a warm comfy home complete with a wonderful husband to come home to, sweet kitties to snuggle with. And best of all I am comfortable being here ANY day of the week.


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