Hug your Cat!

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Even a first time visitor to Knotty Things will notice a feline motif.   Even my logo, which I helped design, highlights my love of kitties.  So, today I’m combining my weekly musings with my weekly fun holiday post because today is Hug Your Cat day!

Now, there are some folks out there who do not believe that hugging a cat is even possible, let alone an enjoyable thing to do.  I will admit it does depend heavily on the actual cat in question.  Of the three black creatures who live in my home, Hershey- the lone male-  would most certainly show you his near perfect impersonation of the Looney Tunes Tasmanian devil if you (or I) would attempt to hug him!  However, given time to get you know you, either of my two female goofballs- Pumpkin (my cover model) and / or Boots-  would probably allow a short hug.  Short of course, because cats have both claws and swift, frequent mood changes.  And did I mention claws?

And yes, there IS a “Hug your Dog” day as well. It’s April 10th.  I will admit there are some dogs that are lovely companions as well.  I am not a dog hater, in fact I had a dog named Indiana (yes, that is a George Lucas reference) for many years and she was the best dog ever.   But, cats bring things to the table even the best dog can’t.  They can be left alone all day and will not poop on the floor or eat your shoes.  They (and therefore you) don’t have to go outside in inclement weather to “do their business”.  And, this is the most crucial, dogs don’t purr.  If there is a more calming sound on the planet than a purring kitty I don’t know what it is.

You might be thinking that you cannot participate in this fabulous holiday because your home does not include a feline creature.  Have no fear!  June is adopt a cat Month!  You can celebrate two holidays at the same time- how festive is that?!?!

So, if you are blessed with a feline companion hug it (or at least give it some extra head scritches) today.  If your home is feline free, I cannot express strongly enough how much better it would be with a mobile purr machine addition!

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