I Don’t Know and I Don’t Care

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Like most middle-aged folks I gripe a lot about getting older.   And at first glance it isn’t much to be excited about.   I have to get up in the middle of the night to pee just about every night.  I can hurt all day if I “sleep wrong”.   If my feet get cold I’m miserable.  Most current hit music sounds alike to me, and not very good to boot.  Kids literally half an age are adults with jobs and kids and mortgages.  I currently work with a woman whose mother and I attended high school together!   And I won’t even get into the particulars of my health.

But today, when all social media channels are full of Avengers End Game and Game of Thrones predictions and discussions, I realize how perfectly OK I am with not caring about either one.   These are, quite arguably, two of the biggest pop culture items of the year, if not decade, and I am not the least bit invested either.  And even more importantly, I don’t feel bad because of it.

My FOMO (feel of missing out) has just about dried up.  And what a huge relief that is!

I no longer care what’s on the cover of any fashion magazine.   Granted, I’m not yet ready for the polyester slacks with the matching appliqued tops just yet, but I dress for the body and (enormous) feet I have.  Brand names mean nothing to me.  And if it’s not comfy, it stays in the store.

I have discovered that wearing lipstick makes me feel good.  So I wear it.  I am at peace with the knowledge that I have no desire to run a company- any company – and that being a “peon” is actually pretty great in a LOT of ways.  No one asks me any more when I’m going to have kids.  No one expects me to know who anyone on the radio is.

Of course I’m still going to complain about my aching knees and my weird chin hairs and my inability to understand, let alone use, Snapchat.  You bet I’m going to keep making jabs at my 20 something coworkers when THEY gripe about being old.

And I’m sure I DO look old to some folks, with my weekends completely devoid of parties and my phone full of pictures of my niece and nephew and my lack of a FitBit or Apple watch.  But I love how my life has turned out.  And at least my feet won’t hurt.  Unless they get cold of course…….

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