I Give Up

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I had every intent to write a long, thoughtful essay on the quagmire that is the gun control debate in the United States.  I have researched Constitutional Law and gun laws in other countries.  I’ve Googled countless Facebook memes to determine the truth (or lack thereof) behind them.   I have spent more time researching this than probably any other topic I’ve wanted to write about.

But then it just hit me like a load of bricks.  What’s the point?  It’s abundantly clear nothing is ever going to change.  Guns set off strong emotions in everyone, even more so than other “hot button” issues like abortion.  Everyone loses their damn minds over this.  The folks on the left will blame the right.  The folks on the right will blame the left.  The folks in the middle are caught in the crossfire- figuratively AND literally sometimes.

And then we all move on.  We get caught up in the next Trump scandal or the next special election or the next season of The Voice.  Families are left without answers to the simple question “Why did my child die?”.

And then it happens again.  Maybe at a school.  Maybe a mall.  Maybe a concert.  Maybe a movie theater.  Another shooter.  Another list of dead kids.  Another round of meaningless speeches by politicians.  Another round of Facebook memes.  Another set of families in mourning.

And yet again, nothing happens.

It’s just too depressing.


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