I Need a Nap

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Even though I’m writing this well ahead of time I already know that come 5pm Monday afternoon I’m going to be thinking “I need a nap”.  Why?  Glad you asked!

#1 I love napping.  My weekends are not complete without some nap time included in them.  Alas, since I have not yet won the lottery I am forced to only nap on the weekends for now.  This tends me make me a bit grouchy on Monday afternoons any week, today will be twice as bad. Why?  Because……..

#2 Daylight saving time.  An outdated concept that needs to go away.  While it made some sense back when Benjamin Franklin first proposed the idea, it no longer does.  We have electricity in our homes and workplaces and headlights on our tractors- we are now fully capable of doing virtually any job after night fall.   The other supposed big gain- cost savings- isn’t there either. Multiple studies have shown the energy savings to be insignificant.  That didn’t stop Congress from lengthening DST a few years ago, but since when do facts have any influence on Congress?

And if that’s not bad enough, there is significant evidence to suggest daylight savings time is actually harmful!  There are more heart attacks the day after we set out clocks ahead (hope none of you reading this are affected) and more car accidents the day after we turn them back.

If you like more light at night- which, quite frankly I don’t- that’s all well and good (I prefer light in the AM to help me wake up in the morning).  But just admit it.  Don’t pretend there is anything else useful or beneficial about the entire silly thing.

#3 Today is Napping Day!  This day is always marked the day after DST starts for obvious reasons.  Alas, my need for gainful employment will prohibit me from celebrating today, but I assure you I celebrated early and napped on Sunday.  And my apologies to my coworkers who have been forced to deal with me all day.



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