I Need Your Help

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I am stuck.

I have several half-written blog posts that I can’t seem to figure out how to finish, but beyond that the idea bucket has run dry.

I certainly could write every week about the new ridiculous things going on in Washington DC I don’t want to.  It’s too depressing.  I suppose I could write about my cats every week, but I am well aware that there is only a very small group of folks out there who love cats enough to want to read that.  I have no desire to blog for pay or for free stuff, nor do I have any delusions that anyone cares what hotel I stay at or what kind of granola I eat anyway.

So, I’m putting it out there- what interests YOU?  What do you like to read about?  What do you find interesting on social media, other blogs, etc?  Chance are I might find in interesting too!

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