I Needed Your Help Yesterday (Literally)

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It’s time for another plea for help from me.

Last Saturday night I overindulged in alcohol.  I thought I had quit before I got to the “I’m going to have a hangover” amount of vodka, but early Sunday morning I learned that was not at all the case and to put it mildly, Sunday was a long day.

With the holiday season starting this weekend a lot of us will be consuming adult beverages.  Of course we all agree that moderation is certainly the best practice, but we all also know it doesn’t always work out that way.  So, with a pounding head and an empty stomach I ask- what is your surefire hangover cure?  (Bonus points to you if you got that reference)

A couple caveats:

#1 It must be something you or someone you know has had success with.  I can Google all by myself.

#2 It must be something simple.  Hungover people are not going to follow a 27 step plan.

#3 It must be something that can be done with common items/ products most folks would have in their homes or be able to obtain reasonably simply.  i.e. no healing crystals, eye of newt,  etc.

I look forward to seeing your answers soon!




1 thought on “I Needed Your Help Yesterday (Literally)

  1. Kristina

    Ibuprofen and pedialyte. Gatorade works so so, but pedialyte rehydrates you much faster.

    And drink water while drinking adult beverages. Helps stave off the hangover to begin with.


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