I Told You So

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I have had the Randy Travis song (recently remade by Carrie Underwood) “I Told You So” stuck in my head for 2 days now. And the worst part is that it’s Carrie’s version that’s lodged in my brain trying to drive me slowly insane. Don’t get me wrong- I think Carrie Underwood is very talented- but I just don’t think this song is quite suited to her and there is something about the way she sings the chorus that makes my toes curl (and not in the good way).



Why do we get song stuck in our heads anyway? And why is it never one we acutally WANT stuck there? I don’t recall ever having any of my favorite Bon Jovi songs bouncing around my cranium for days at a time. But earlier this week I was stuck with Kayne West’s “Stronger” taking up valuable brain space I could have been using for really important things like “where did I park my car?” or “remember to go to the bank”. But no, instead I had that jackass (to quote our President) wedged in there. And no, I am not sure if now having Carrie Underwood seranading me 24-7 is better or worse….
Why do our brains try to drive us crazy this way? What possible up side is there to this phenomenon that causes our own heads to make us want to rip them off? I don’t have a clue.

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