I’m Not a “Me Too”er and Here’s Why

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Unless you have been living under a rock you’ve seen a lot of women (and a few men) posting “Me too” on social media.  Some folks include an explanation why (to bring awareness to sexual harassment) and some don’t.  But I haven’t participated and have no intention of doing so.

I’m certainly not anti- woman.  I AM a woman.  I’m certainly not stating sexual harassment isn’t an issue.  But this “movement” doesn’t work for me on multiple levels.

First off, posting “me too” does virtually nothing (no pun intended).  Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge?  There was a time when you couldn’t go online without seeing your friends or favorite celebrities participating.  Remember why folks were doing it?  It was for ALS awareness, but I bet if you ask 10 people, only 4 might remember that.  It became a fad, here today and gone tomorrow.  This is 2017’s Ice Bucket Challenge, like it or not.

Second, I have issues with some of the rhetoric.  I don’t mean to diminish sexual harassment at all, but equating it as being just as bad as sexual assault is ridiculous and downright insulting to sexual assault victims.  Also way off base is the idea that only women are victims.  Any man who has been strong enough to admit to being harassed have been soundly criticized by men AND women.  So much for equality.

Third, I don’t think here has ever been a time when there has been more coverage of sexual harassment.   It’s not brave or revolutionary to talk about sexual harassment today.  Again, aside from giving yourself a pat on the back, there is little to be gained by piling on.

Want to make a difference?  Then actually do something.  Write your Congressperson.   Call your local council person.  Talk to your company’s HR department about their sexual harassment policy and if it needs updating, or if they don’t have one, fix that.  Speak up when you see harassment happening, in real life OR online, and whether the victim is male or female.  Teach your kids not to be bullies and about appropriate boundaries.  Volunteer with local groups/ charities who are addressing this problem in real, actionable ways.  Can’t find one?  Start one.  Real change takes more time and effort than two words and a hash tag.








1 thought on “I’m Not a “Me Too”er and Here’s Why

  1. Katy F.

    Love it! I also agree that there is a big difference between sexual harassment and actual sexual assault! It makes me sad that we can take something that really does need coverage and twist everything to fall under that “me too” category!


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