I’m on a Soapbox!

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Today let’s take a break from politics and the pandemic and all the other awful things that are all around us.  Today let’s talk about something totally within your control that can make your life better immediately.

I’m here to preach the gospel of showering at night.  I’m on a literal soapbox!

Most of us started out our lives being bathed later in the day.  Think about it- who bathes their baby at 7am?  No one.  When do you bathe little kids?  When the sun is coming up?  Of course not.   But at some point many of us were told that we should shower first thing in the morning and we just ran with it without thinking twice.

I’m here to tell you that you had it right the first time and why.

Argument #1- “I need a shower to wake up”.   You don’t.  Really.  Having water in your face is something that can be achieved easily over a sink- maybe even easier if you are very tall like I am!   Showering can be a very relaxing way to wind down at the end of a day- just imagine all the day’s troubles going down the drain with the water.  It’s a very powerful image.

Remember the last time you zoned out in the shower only to suddenly snap back to reality WAY behind schedule?  Remember when you cut yourself REALLY badly when shaving?   Guess what?  Stress from both decreases about 1000% percent when your shower at night.

Argument #2 “What about my hair?”   This could mean 1 of 2 things- #1 going to bed with wet hair, or #2 styling your hair NOT coming straight of the shower.  I don’t understand why folks have issues going to bed with damp hair.  Yes, I currently have very short hair, but I’ve been doing this since I had shoulder length hair and had no issues then either.   If you dry your hair vigorously it’s a non issue.   Styling your hair in the AM isn’t hard either.  I have a spray bottle that I paid $2 for that wets down my hair just like I was in the shower.

Argument #3 “I feel dirty if I don’t shower”.  You aren’t giving up showering.   I cannot tell you how amazing it feels to climb into bed squeaky clean.  It is sooooooooo comfy AND makes your bedding and bedroom smell better.   Also, If you sweat a blue streak like I do, you know that almost all “clinical strength” and other more powerful deodorant products state to apply at night.  This makes a lot more sense if you’ve just bathed.

Bonus reason-  sex with a clean body!  It smells better.  WAY better.  Which might allow you to relax a little more and enjoy it more.

So, I hope I have convinced you to join the church of the nightly bathers.    We are always open to new converts!

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