In Defense of Valentine’s Day

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I’ve heard a lot of reasons today about why people shouldn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day. How sad! Why on Earth would anyone NOT want to celebrate love? Well…..

#1 “It’s too commercialized”. While I don’t dispute that, so are Christmas, Halloween, etc. if you choose to see them in that way. Your TV has a mute button, a channel selector and an off button. Your Internet connection doesn’t go anywhere you don’t tell it to (well, unless you have a virus but that’s another blog for another day). Like most things in life, Valentine’s Day is what you make it.

#2 “I don’t need my significant other to buy my love”. Also true. But think back to last Christmas. Think about how great you felt giving gifts to the people you love and how happy they were to get them- regardless of the cost. Perhaps your loved ones might feel the same way?
#3 “We’ve been married too long for stuff like that”. My parents have been married for 40 plus years and my dad still makes sure they celebrate the important dates in their lives. It’s one of the many reasons I credit for their marriage still being so strong and obviously happy after all this time. I can’t think of a good reason NOT to celebrate a long-lasting love!

#4 “It’s too expensive”. A table at an upscale restaurant with a bottle of fine wine and a diamond ring may certainly be more than you have or care to spend. But any small gesture that says “Hey- I appreciate and love you” would be be a great thing to do- be that a funny greeting card, bringing home take-out food, whatever you know would make that important person in your life smile. See also #1. Make your time with your loved one special- you know how to do that better than anyone else!
So please, tell that special person in your life that you love them today. I can’t think of ANY reasons why you wouldn’t want to do that.

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