International Panic Day

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How many times have I stated that a holiday is just perfect for me?  Quite a few times, but it’s certainly true again today.  Today is International Panic Day.

I am certainly prone to fits of panic.   For the first 20 odd years of my life “I’m having a crisis” was a pretty common thing for me to be thinking and/ or saying.  Even now, after 2 stints in therapy and the aid of powerful pharmaceuticals I am still known to get more worked up about things than would be deemed necessary by most folks.

So how does one “celebrate” International Panic Day?  Well, there are two schools of thought.

#1 Just do it.  Allow yourself to fully experience all the fears you squash down most days.  Let your mind race with “what ifs”.  Be paranoid. Be fearful.  Let your fear flag fly.

#2 Take steps to relax/ reduce the amount of panic in your life.  Take a long bath or a long walk.  Call a friend.  Do whatever takes you to your place of zen.

Since I will be on vacation this week I’ll be doing #2.  But no lie- most years #1 would be a lot more likely to happen.  And that’s OK too.

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