Iowa Bloggers Conference is back!

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UPDATE:  This conference has been postponed- look for more information in Spring 2018!


I love learning about all kinds of things- including blogging!   I read blogs and articles about writing and blogging and I pin all kinds of items on Pinterest.

Other great way to learn about blogging is to attend blogger’s confernces.  A couple years ago I attended an Iowa Blogger’s conference in Fort Dodge and learned a ton.  Last year in October I attended the Minnesota Bloggers conference and I am attending again this year in a few weeks.  I highly recommend it and if you are interested you can learn more at

What I’m really excited to share is that the Iowa Bloggers Conference is returning on November 4th!   Home Grown Social Media is reviving this event and it’s going to be a great day of learning and sharing.  While it’s possible I’m a tab bit biased (one of the owners is my husband), I think this is the perfect company to manage this event and make it a great one.  I encourage everyone who has a blog or has ever thought about starting one, to come out.  Several of my North Iowa Blogger friends are among the presenters and I know they are all excited about sharing their knowledge with others.  As a bonus you might even get to meet me!  You can get more information about the conference here

and more information about Home Grown Social Media’s other classes and services here

Hope to see you there!

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