Iowa Nice

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As many of you know, my husband and I had a visitor from California last week.  Herschel has spent his entire life in large cities- grew up in Brooklyn, and then moved to San Francisco and later Los Angeles.  The only place in the Midwest he’s ever been is Chicago.  So, coming to my town of 4500 people was a bit of a culture shock to put it mildly!

Now, before I go any further- we have had this trip planned for months and truly believed  COVID-19 would be a distant memory by the time August rolled around.  Obviously that isn’t the case, so we were VERY careful.  We had quite a few conversations about what we were going to do in the days and weeks leading up to his arrival and made changes to our plans to help keep everyone safe.  We were outside as much as possible, and had plenty of masks and hand sanitizer on hand when we weren’t.  We purchased a thermometer gun and used it a lot.   LA is pretty well shut down so he’s been essentially quarantined before he got here, and he will be again now that he’s back home.

Now that we have THAT out of the way……..

When we were out and about the most common question folks had for Herschel was “what do you like most about Iowa?”  And while fresh corn on the cob was a MAJOR hit, he always said “the people- everyone is so nice! I feel like we are all family”.

There are a lot of jokes about Minnesota Nice, Iowa Nice, etc.  But to an outsider, it wasn’t a joke at all.   It was a major cultural event.   Herschel was genuinely surprised every day by how kind we are to one another. And waving to strangers?  That just about blew his mind.

So, thanks to everyone for being Iowa Nice.  I know to us it’s just how we are, but to someone seeing for the first time it’s pretty damn special.

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