It was bound to happen and one night it did

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The title of this blog entry is borrowed from a Garth Brooks song (Papa Loved Mama). Happily, there is no connection between the events of his song (infidelity) and the events that lead me to this post.


Most of us behave a certain way around our family and a different way around our friends- some of us more so than others. I certainly chose my words more carefully around my family as some of them are very conservative. It doesn’t mean I’m not being myself- it’s just a more reserved version of me. And for the longest time my friends world and my family world simply didn’t ever see each other. But no longer- my family is online and on Facebook and reading my blog! It was in indeed bound to happen and well, last night it did!


It hit me last night when my sister finally joined Facebook. Not that I am unhappy about that- I have been bugging her for ages to join! But somehow her friend request got me thinking, and as anyone who’s read this blog more than once knows- when I get to thinking I get to blogging!


The lines between the different worlds we inhabit are getting more and more blurred with the advances in wireless technology and the popularity of social networking sites like Facebook. I don’t know if that is good or bad but the fact is it’s happened and now we all have to figure out how to make it work. Maybe this is old news for some of you but it’s a new place for me. Any comments/ thoughts on how you’ve adapted would be welcome!


2 thoughts on “It was bound to happen and one night it did

  1. Torie

    Are you a fly on my wall? I have been battling with this for almost a year now with my mother in law. I tried to just make a family page and she was completely offended. I have since just defriended her. We have been having a heated email 'discussion' and since the defriending, I have not heard from her at all. I hope your experience goes better than mine has. Just a side note….my own family has been pretty much ok being on my friend page. It's the in law side that has the problems. Possibly because they thrive on a little drama…..

  2. J

    I'm sure you remember what I went through in 2008. It's very difficult to try to be "you" when some of the very things you talk about pertain to some of the people you associate with online. I ended up having to go underground to avoid the family part and just stick to friends.


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