It’s a Very COVID Christmas

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2020.   Decades from now, just the mention of this dumpster fire of a year will still bring back all kinds of unpleasant memories.

Thanksgiving looked a lot different for most of us this year (shame on you if it didn’t), and Christmas is going to be more of the same.   Does it totally suck?  Very much so.  More than any other holiday, Christmas is steeped in traditions.  Many of us have celebrated this holiday pretty much the same way since we were kids.  Others of us have created our own set of family traditions, be they family by blood or otherwise, that we treasure.   But this year we have to put a lot of those on hold.

My mother’s side will only be gathering on Zoom this year.   We will not be exchanging gifts, but we will at least be able to share some time together.  We did a Zoom gathering earlier this year, but we never thought that would end up being a dry run for Christmas!

But the good news is we WILL be able to all see each other.  We are all alive and well.  We have so much to be thankful for and we WILL celebrate that, it will just look a little different.

We all have a lot to be thankful for and a lot to celebrate this holiday season.  What we all need to do is focus on that. Instead of bemoaning what we can’t do this year, let’s celebrate what we can.  Let’s be grateful we live in an era where Zoom meetings are a thing!  Let’s celebrate the people we love by keeping them safe.

Let’s celebrate!

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