It’s About Time

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Someone please explain to me- in small words- why Daylight Saving Time is still a thing in 2019 (and yes, it’s Daylight Saving-  NOT Savings).

First off, a little history.    Daylight Saving time was first implemented here in the US during World War I to conserve energy and was modeled after what many European countries were also doing at that time.  It was so unpopular that it was repealed after the war, only to be implemented again during World War II.   It was then partially repealed again after that war and left up to local communities if they wanted to use it or not.    That was such a mess that Congress stepped in and it was standardized for the entire nation in the late 60s.  Since then it’s been expanded twice- once in the 80s and again in 2005.

Aside from it being a humongous pain in the ass, I hate Daylight Saving time because it just doesn’t make sense.  The central premise- that it saves energy- has never been proven in practical terms.  We have just all come to accept it as fact.   If we save SO much energy then why don’t our electric bills skyrocket in November and plunge to new lows in April?  Because it doesn’t matter if it’s dark at 7am or 7pm- we need light to see.  The advent of programmable thermostats- not to mention improvements in insulating of homes- renders any heating the house savings pretty well null and void too.

Simply put, Daylight Saving time was based on suspect logic to begin with, and technology has all but eliminated any accidental energy savings.  It’s time for it to go.


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