It’s shocking!!

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What is going on in this country that everything has to be shocking to get our attention?

What makes me say this? I’ll tell you. Right now there are 2 billboards paid for by the Tea Party that I see every day on my drive to work. The first one, which has been up for a while now, says in BIG CAPITAL LETTERS that Congress is the problem and implores everyone to vote out incumbents. Well, there is probably some truth to that (Congress being the problem that is) but shouting that alone from a billboard isn’t exactly the way I’d go about it. Some information why they feel that way and/ or who they actually do want us to vote for would at least give me something to think about.


The second billboard I just saw for the first time today and it actually made me a little sick. It has 3 pictures on it. On the left is Hitler, on the right is Stalin and in the middle is President Obama. There is some slogan about “Change” to go along with it.


I’m sorry but that is too much. I’m all for having open debates about our differences. But this is a far cry from that and takes name-calling to a new low I didn’t think we were capable of sinking to. This is embarrassing.



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  1. j.Mac

    At some point I had wanted to develop a website that identifies who's who in government, how long they've been in office, and what they've voted on. But the undertaking would have been massive. I'm not necessarily against voting out the incumbents, but I'm TOTALLY in favor of term limits for congressmen and senators. Heck the President can only be in office 8 years, so why do others get to make a lifetime career out of it?


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