It’s Too Darn Hot

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Maybe it’s because I work indoors.  Maybe it’s because I carry around a few extra pounds.  Maybe I was born this way.  Whatever the reason, I do NOT do well with high temperatures.

I get light headed and sometimes even nauseated.   I get REALLY grumpy.   I smell like a sock that has been used for an entire year of middle school gym classes and then left in the sun for a month.  I am not pleasant to be around.  At all.

I am well aware of this about myself and for these reasons, I try to avoid being outdoors during the hottest days when I can.  Some people may find this off-putting.  But I mean no ill will.  I just know myself well enough to know that if I’m outside all day I will not have fun, and neither will anyone who comes into contact with me.

So, please don’t take it the wrong way if I don’t spend all day at your picnic.  I don’t mean any ill will I leave your pool party early.  I just don’t want to subject you or your other guests to the sights, smells, and other unpleasantries involved with being around me and temps in the 90s or higher at the same time.

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