Keep the Faith

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I was reminded yesterday of the power of faith and was humbled by it all at the same time.

I have a friend who has been through a jaw-dropping amount of sadness in the past five years. First, her husband of 16 years went to the ER with what everyone thought was a kidney stone but turned out to be cancer. 2 weeks later he had passed away, leaving her behind with their then 3 year old son.

A year an a half later she was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer that has spread to her liver and was given months to live. She never gave up and today has no cancer in either organ.

About 18 months after that tumors were discovered in her brain. She had laser surgery that was a huge success and the remaining tumors are being successfully treated with medication.

On the heels of this success she slipped on some ice and broke her back, requiring a routine surgical procedure for treatment. During that surgery an error was made and she is currently paralyzed from the waist down. It’s too early to tell if the damage is all permanent or if she will regain some movement as she has a great deal of swelling right now but it’s doubtful she will ever be able to live without more assistance than her now 8 year old son would be able to provide.

She and I were talking yesterday and I was on the verge of tears the entire conversation. As she always does, my friend told me not to worry about her. She was more worried about my 90 year old grandfather and my pregnant sister than herself! What will always stick with me is the comment she made as our call was ending. She said “If God leads you to it He will lead you through it”.

Now it’s one thing to say that when life is going well. It’s quite another to say it when He’s lead you through as much as Beth has been through. She is my hero.

3 thoughts on “Keep the Faith

  1. Heather

    Oh god Becky. I know who you're talking about, and I just feel awful for her. She is such an amazingly strong person. I can't imagine the strength that she has. I'm amazed and impressed by her, and she is something we can all inspire to. Tell her I wish her well, and I hope that you are doing well too.


  2. Stina

    Oh Becky–I just caught up with this one. Please tell her I'm thinking about her and will keep her in my prayers. I am constantly amazed at her strenghth and have to agree-she's a hero to us all.


  3. Jim

    Wow. I might be mistaken but I imagine that a faith like that was something Scott wouldn't have grasped. It really wasn't until I matured quite a bit that I realized that trials and suffering were part of Christian experience, Luther said in so many words on more than one occasion that to study theology you were required to suffer. May your friend continue to persevere!


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