Knees Suck

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Last week I had knee surgery.  Going in I was hopeful that this procedure would take care of the issues I’d been having with pain and locking up, but I knew eventually even with the best possible outcome I will eventually need knee replacement.

After surgery I found out that the surgeon found unexpected cartilage damage.  I may have it it for years- it’s hard to know.  It’s not something that’s repairable, so while this procedure should give me some relief it’s not going to make me as good as new.

This news really bummed me out and I’m in the midst of a bit of a pity party for myself.  I’m still using crutches and pain meds as I write this.  I am hopeful I will be without both of them soon.

I’m convinced God designed the human knee on an off day.  It’s an unstable joint under the best of conditions, and there are approximately 3 billion things that can do wrong with them. Think about all the people you know.  How many of them have had an issue with a knee at some point?  I bet quite a lot.  Simply put, knees suck.

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  1. Marcy

    I agree. I was just diagnosed with arthritis and had a cortisone shot in both knees. While it did help some, I’m able to sleep at night, it hadn’t improved it nearly as much as I hoped it would. Still limping frequently and having pain. I’m not convinced that’s the problem but not sure what else it would be causing pain in both. Ugh. Started after I was walking in my treadmill again. Dang it!


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