Let’s All Get Educated and Stuck

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With needles that is.

I got my first COVID vaccine shot in mid March and will be getting my second one on April 16th.  My husband has also had his first shot and will be getting his second on April 19th.   I know a lot of folks who have gotten both vaccines and more who are scheduled for their second.  However, I know WAY too many people who aren’t.

Yes, there are some folks who should not get vaccinated- including people who had add several allergic reactions to past vaccines, pregnant and breastfeeding women, and people currently undergoing various cancer treatments.  There are some concerns for people with Type 1 diabetes, a history of blood clots, and some other medical conditions.

However, the vast majority of the people I know who are not yet vaccinated do not fall into any of those categories.  Some are holding out for one specific brand of vaccine- usually the Johnson & Johnson one dose option.  There are the moron anti vaxxers with their usual idiotic, fact-free rhetoric.  Many have fallen prey to the tsunami of misinformation that the internet just loves.  Some of the dumbest ones I’ve seen include that getting the vaccine invalidates your life insurance, the vaccine will make you sterile, and of course the old stand by- the vaccine contains a microchip that will allow the government and/ or Bill Gates to track your every movement.

It’s understandable, in fact responsible, to ask questions and to make sure you are clear on your healthcare.  If you have any concerns about getting the COVID vaccine PLEASE go to your doctor and get your questions answered.  I had the conversation with my doctor when the vaccines first were approved, so I felt confident signing up as soon as the chance was afforded to me.   Your doctor is the person you should be asking your questions to.  Not Facebook.  Not book club.  Not your favorite celebrities.  Your doctor.

We are all sick of COVID restrictions.  We are all ready to get back to normal.  And the sooner we all get vaccinated the sooner we can do that.



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