Maritime Day

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Today is Maritime Day!

Today is all about the history of the maritime industry and the men and women who have, and will continue to shape it.

At first glance this might seem like an odd “holiday” for me to be excited about as Iowa is, as you should very well know, land locked.  However, as most of you also know, I have a love affair with the city of Duluth MN,  a city built on the harbor of Lake Superior and the starting point of the St Lawrence Seaway.  I have spent many an hour in the Maritime Museum in Canal Park and yet still every time I go I learn something new.  I will be back there in a month and cannot wait to find out what new things I’ll take away this time.

I strongly encourage you to check out the history of that region as well.  But, there are plenty of amazing facts and stories about ships and sailors and the sea from all over, so I’m sure now matter where you are or what your area of interests are you can find something related to it today if you try.

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