Me Empowering Me

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On April 14th I had the opportunity to attend the Women Empowering Women event in Cedar Falls.  I was expecting to find some tidbits of knowledge that would be helpful for me in my career.  I believe I found that.  But, unexpectedly, I found far more.

I found reassurance that it’s OK to take care of myself on my own terms.  I got I permission to make my own decisions on where I spend my time and who I spend it without anyone else’s approval being required.   I didn’t realize how much I needed that until it was happening.  And I wasn’t the only one- I noticed a few tears around the room and I don’t think any of them were expecting it either.

It was just what I needed coming off a long, stressful week at work and going into what I feared would be a long stressful weekend with family.  I joked that my therapist would be pleased with my progress, and I’m sure he will be.  But, and this is way more important, I’m more pleased with myself.


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